Friday, July 14, 2017

pincushions 8-14

Welcome to finish it up Friday!

I've actually done a lot of sewing this week, but it is all for gifts, so I can't share the results quite yet. I have also been keeping up on my one-a-day pincushion challenge. Making a pincushion every single day is not for the faint of heart. Each pincushion takes on average about 1 1/2 hours...that's if things are going well! Ha! I have been enjoying the challenge, though. It really pushes me creatively and I love that!

Here are the pincushions from the last week....
 day 8
 day 9
 day 10
 day 11
 day 12
 day 13
 day 14--the front
day 14--the back

Some days I start with a faint plan, other days I have no idea what I will make until I walk into the sewing room and start playing with fabric. Thank goodness I have plenty of scraps to play with! :) I think I could make at least 1001 more pincushions from my solid scrap bags alone. It's mighty tempting! Hahaha!

Here are the first 10 days of pincushions all together. It's fun to see the collection grow!

Now it's your turn! Please link up your finishes for the week! Thank you for joining me for finish it up Friday!


Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

I love the stripes with diagonal jump in the top one - somehow that just seems perfectly summery to me!

charlotte said...

I am loving all your pin cushions! So much so that I have made a bunch of my own over the last week or so. I see those scraps sitting there and I just have to play with them! I have no idea what I will do with all of these, but it's hard to stop!

Chris said...

I love how they each have their own personality, yet they all go together.

Alison said...

I love your skinny pinnies for day 9! :) :) :) said...

I love your pincushions, I definitely can make one now that I done with the June QAL quilt top. I also love the scissors that are photographed next to the pincushions, especially the ones with the aqua handles.

Kristin said...

You are a pincushion machine! I love them!

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

Amazingly beautiful little works of art! You are the bomb!

Yvonne @Quilting Jetgirl said...

Oh, I love seeing them all together like that!

Denise Russell said...

They are all beautiful. I think you also have quite a collection of small scissors, right?

Shona Barbour said...

Remind me again what you are filling the pins cushions with? Layer of fabric, batting, backing (?) and then walnut chips?!?!?

Frog Quilter said...

Do you have a scissor collection?

Ruth Clapp said...

Please show us how you finish a pincushion. I have trouble getting enough ground shells in to create a properly plump pin cushion. Thanks!

Bernie Kringel said...

Day 11 is gorgeous - love that diagonal look. So pretty.
1.5 hours a day? How do you manage that? Especially if you are also sewing other projects. There is always so much to be done. :-)

JanineMarie said...

They're like candy--or maybe potato chips, but no calories!

Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts said...

Darn, you're creative! Eye candy for the sewing room. Yummy!

pajtr said...

What a visual delight!!
(You are SO creative!!!)
Pat T.

Peggy said...

I LOVE them all. Your blog is equal to Pinterest for great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

Kathy H said...

Amanda, I love all of your pin cushions. I had decided to try a few little ones myself and was so glad to see your post today with a few more. Thanks for the inspiration.

Paulette Eccleston said...

These are soooooo cute. I would hate to put a pin into them. How do I get on your pin cushion gift list?

Jan @Cocoa Quilts said...

Everytime I see one, I think it is my favorite. How can I choose? They are all adorable.

Suzanne said...

These are like children. I tell each one not to tell the others but that it's my favorite. xo

Anne Marie Dwyer said...

Your pincushions are cool and very quilty. I started thinking outside of the box for one pincushion challenge (it said challenge, right?) and came up with this out of an old plastic... well you'll see:


I used those 2 plastic things to get rid of junk around the house and like in a pizza parlour, if you lift your pincushion off the surface you have more room for more junk.... (I have seen pizza parlours that serve pizza on cake platters and that is sort of how I came up w/ this idea!)

-Anne Marie D. said...

Day 8 is my favorite pincushion. I do love how you don't make them the same and each one takes on a different personality. I mentioned in another post, not sure which day...that I have lots of triangle scraps in many bright colors. I'm wondering if you would like them sent to you...use them or not, there's no pressure. I teach kids and my scraps are getting out of hand. Rather than toss these triangles leftover from piecing binding strips, I thought you may be able to get inspired by them. Plus, if your ears were ringing today, I was talking to Cody (social media person) at the Fat Quarter Shop about their new line of batting. I asked questions and inquired about whether any of my favorite bloggers are testing and reviewing the new batting line. She said no one is yet but did I have any bloggers in mind. I mentioned you and she's a fan. I hope they will be getting you some samples of the batting to try out and give us all your opinions on the various products. So that's why your ears may have been ringing let's hope you will be getting some batting in the mail asap.

Alex said...

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KaHolly said...

Your pincushions look magnificent!